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Chapter 1 is a Christian charity with roots going back to 1920. We′ve always been involved in helping the vulnerable. Back then, as the Christian Alliance of women and Girls Trust Corporation, we helped young single women working away from home. Nowadays, we provide accommodation and support services to the homeless victims of domestic abuse and social enterprises such as our international students hostel and our furniture re-use project. All tenants have a connection to Buckingham and will in most cases be referred by the local authority, who have identified that there is a need in the town. At present, such individuals must move away to find a home. Their housing needs will vary, but most will have been in temporary accommodation or ‘camping out’ with family or friends. The Buckingham Project will give them the chance to have a home of their own, in the community where they belong.



Telephone: 07860 454216

Associated Categories: Accommodation, Housing Needs


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