Chiltern & South Bucks

Activity Groups

Our groups are held at different locations in the Chiltern and South Bucks area and are supported by experienced staff and fully trained volunteers.

The social aspects of the groups are as important as the activity and enable people to try new things in a supportive environment with others who have had similar experiences. All standard materials and resources are provided.

Members Social Groups (Sun House, Chesham)- Monday (12-3pm) and Friday (11-2pm)

Our groups provide social stimulation and activities for Bucks Mind members offering a safe, comfortable and relaxed environment to socialise, share experiences and receive support.

The groups are primarily intended for people with more severe and long standing mental health issues who need structure and support in order to stay well.

We offer:

    • Discussion of current events (sometimes heated!)
    • Board games, puzzles and quizzes
    • Arts and crafts
    • Trips out
    • Pool
    • Bingo

Some of our members choose to come to the same drop in each week, to meet up with friends and support each other, but all members are welcome to drop in at any of the sessions.

Arts and Crafts (Chesham Town Hall)- Thursdays (1.30-4pm)

A chance to take part in a wide range of arts and crafts and develop or rediscover skills.
Regular activities include:

    • Painting (watercolours, acrylics, ink etc)
    • Drawing
    • Sewing (we have a sewing machine!)
    • Knitting
    • Card making
    • Seasonal crafts

The social experience of the group is intended to be as important as the activities themselves – you don’t need any special talent to join in, just enthusiasm and a willingness to try new things. The group is relaxed and soothing. People leave feeling calm and de-stressed.

Lanterns Group (Chalfont St Peter- Gold Hill Church)- Tuesdays (11-3.30pm)

Lanterns is a social and activity group which meets on Tuesdays. It aims to give people the chance to build friendships and it facilitates access to activities and trips with the support of staff and volunteers.

Clients agree an agenda which might include day trips (e.g walks at Black Park or bowling) guest speakers, creative activities, pool, badminton, swimming at the leisure centre, competitions and quizzes.

Confidence Building/Anxiety Management (Sun House, Chesham)

A peer support group with input from Bucks Mind counsellors, tutors from Bucks Adult Learning and Bucks Mind staff. We run short courses around confidence, anxiety and stress, and coffee mornings and catch-ups for
those who attend. This is particularly useful for those wishing to return to work.

Peer Support Group (Burnham Library)- every 3rd Tuesday of the month 11-1pm

We are running a monthly peer support group in this area for people with mild to moderate mental health difficulties.

The group provides an opportunity for local people to meet regularly, to talk, to listen, to share experiences and, with Bucks Mind support, to develop the group themselves.

OCD Support Group (Sun House, Chesham)- Wednesdays (18.30-20.30)

The group offers anyone affected by OCD a space to get together and talk openly in a relaxed and confidential environment. We meet every Wednesday from 6.30pm to 8.30pm.

How to access these services

People are generally referred by the CMHT using our referral form. We meet the person and assess suitability for a particular group to ensure they will benefit from it and we can meet their needs. People use their direct payments if they are eligible to pay the membership fee.

Some people in the community may be able to access groups by paying a smaller membership fee if they receive no support or funding from Bucks County Council


Older People’s Services

What we do

Park Club in Chesham, and Pippin Club in Prestwood are Buckinghamshire Mind’s services for older people. Our clients have either dementia, or other mental health issues which make it difficult to access other services in the

Our services are for small groups of approximately ten clients. We aim to provide support, fun, companionship and stimulating activities in a friendly environment giving carers a few hours respite. Both Park and Pippin provide a lunch cooked on the premises.

How we work

Through a small and friendly group setting, we provide support, companionship and stimulation for older people who have become isolated in their community either through having dementia or another mental health
problem. Our specialist workers develop close working relationships with all of our clients and a real understanding of their individual needs. We also place a strong emphasis on developing working relationships with families and carers in order to help us provide the best quality support to our clients.

Our two services at Park Club in Chesham and Pippin Club in Prestwood offer a variety of activities such as games, quizzes, orientation and reminiscence activities, crafts and physical activities.

Who do we work with?

We work with older people whose needs can be met within a group environment.

How to access the service

Referral can be made by clients, family members, carers, Community Mental Health Teams, Social Services or other agencies such as The Alzheimer’s Society. Once a referral is received, a visit to the club is arranged to meet the staff team. An initial assessment meeting will take place with the Senior Wellbeing Worker to establish whether the service can meet the client’s needs.


What we do

Our Befriending Service offers both one to one and group support to adults who are lonely or isolated as a result of mental illness.

How we work

Staff recruit and train volunteers who then form ‘partnerships’ with people from the local community. These can be short or long term and can focus on a specific activity, learning a particular skill or simply be there to provide social contact.

Our ethos is very much about working with our clients rather than for our clients and the aim of the service is to establish successful, trusting relationships that can build a client’s self confidence by having regular social contact.

Who do we work with?

Anyone over the age of 18 who is experiencing mental health difficulties (excluding dementia) may be able to use our service.

How to access the service

You can be referred to this service by your GP, Social Services, via Mental Health Services like ‘Healthy Minds’ or a Community Mental Health Team or through other agencies.

People using the Befriending Service can also access one of the following groups as an alternative to one to one Befriending: Confidence Building, Burnham Peer Support

Employment Support

What we do

We offer one-to-one support, mentoring, formal and informal training, guidance and practical assistance to people who have experienced mental health difficulties and are now looking to engage in some form of work, whether that be volunteering, part-time or full time, or even with support for people already employed and wanting to stay in their jobs.

How we work

Following an initial appointment, we work with clients to make the most of their skills and talents and create an action plan. The support offered is tailored to individual needs and we will support with forms and applications,
preparation of a CV, interview techniques and with addressing the sometimes difficult issue of disclosure of previous illness.

If a client is already in employment, we are able to offer ongoing support aimed at helping them to remain in their job.

We link with a network of partners to provide training aimed at specific job related skills as well as increasing clients’ confidence and self-esteem.

Who do we work with?

The service is open to anyone over the age of 18 who feels ready to engage in work and needs some support with staying on track with their goals.

How to access the service

You can either contact us directly or ask your GP or CPN for a referral to our service.

People using the Employment Support Service can also access the Confidence Building Group.

Counselling for Children & Young People

What we do

We provide one to one counselling as well as group and play-based therapy for children and young people who are experiencing emotional difficulties.

How we work

How the therapy actually happens depends on the age and needs of the child or young person. Younger children may like to use some of the therapeutic toys and materials in our play therapy rooms to help them express their feelings; older children and young people may find that artwork is helpful. Sometimes our clients simply prefer to talk or to join a group.

Who do we work with?

Children and young people from the age of 4 – 18 who have a wide range of needs and reasons for using our service such as low self-esteem, problems at school or at home, being a victim of bullying, difficulties in expressing their feelings or loneliness and isolation. Wherever possible we work in close collaboration with parents and carers.

How to access the service

Referrals to our service must be made by a GP or other professional such as a health visitor or teacher.

Who to contact

For informal guidance on how to make a referral parents, carers or clients can call us on 01494 463364.

For a direct referral, they should talk to their GP or other educational or health care professional.


How much we charge for our services is dependent on what they cost to run and whether we receive any funding, for example from the NHS or County Council.

We try to keep our charging as simple as possible, but the introduction of individual budgets has made things a little more complex!


£18.50 per day, £39 per week

For clients with social care funding who want to access our Drop Ins or Activity Groups, we offer either ‘day’ or ‘weekly’ memberships.

Day memberships are for people who want to use our services on one day only. Weekly memberships allow access to anything you like throughout the week. Membership prices are set to be affordable within a typical individual budget.

Older People’s Services

Park and Pippin Club are both currently funded by Buckinghamshire County Council, so we do not charge for the service other than a fee of £6.50 per day for lunch which is cooked on the premises.


No charge as the service is funded by Buckinghamshire County Council. Capacity is limited, so there may be a wait to receive support.

Employment Support

No charge as the service is funded by Buckinghamshire County Council. Capacity is limited, so there may be a wait to receive support.

Counselling for Adults

This service is based on ability to pay. As Buckinghamshire Mind’s Counselling for Adults does not receive any funding we need to receive an average fee of £15 per session to continue to run our service.

We will not turn anyone away who needs our support, but as some clients’ circumstances require them to pay less than £15, clients who can afford to pay more are encouraged to make an additional donation to support the

Counselling for Children & Young People

No charge for clients referred via the CAMHS Single Point of Access. Buckinghamshire Mind’s Children and Young People’s Counselling Service is part of ‘ABOUT U’ Buckinghamshire CAMHS.