Wellbeing Groups (Aylesbury)

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Activity Groups

We hold a variety of groups, activities and support across the community. We recognize that the social aspects of the groups are as important as the activity and enable people to try new things in a supportive environment with others who have had similar experiences. All standard materials and resources are provided. A full timetable for easy reference is available here.

Wings Wellbeing Group

Our Wings Wellbeing Group is a social setting offering a safe, comfortable and fun place to socialise, share experiences and receive support. It is currently held at Granville Street Church Hall and the Group is supported by experienced Wellbeing Workers and fully trained volunteers.

The Group are primarily intended for people with more severe and long standing mental health issues who need structure and support in order to stay well. We maintain a recovery focus, but do not pressure our members to engage in activities they are not comfortable with.

We offer:

Other support and groups in the Community:

Knit and Natter

Knit and Natter is exactly as it sounds – a very sociable knitting group! Group members of all knitting abilities are welcome to join, the most important thing is to have fun working towards a goal in a supportive environment.

We provide everything you need to take part. The only charges for Knit and Natter are for tea/coffee, and for any exceptional items you might need to do a special project (e.g. Christmas jumper or socks)

Arts and Crafts

A chance to take part in and develop new skills in a wide range of arts and crafts.

Regular activities include:

  • Painting (watercolours, chalks, painting by numbers)
  • Drawing
  • Lego
  • Model Making
  • Seasonal Crafts such as Christmas cards & Easter decorations.

The social experience of the group is intended to be as important as the activities themselves – you don’t need any special talent to join in, just enthusiasm and a willingness to try new things.

Friday Art Group

The Friday Art Group is something we are really proud of at Buckinghamshire Mind. Facilitated by local artist Tony Ashton, the group suits people who are keen to develop their artistic skills so it has a clear focus on drawing and painting, rather than the social/art mix of our other art group.

You don’t need to be a great artist to join, but you do need to be keen and serious about wanting to learn and benefit from the excellent tuition on offer. The results the group produces are fantastic, and are exhibited around Buckinghamshire Mind, at all events we organise and in small local exhibitions.

Music Group

It’s official, singing is good for you! Our group is aimed at having fun and developing music skills through singing and playing instruments with other people. There is no pressure to perform in front of others, though it’s surprising how quickly nervous beginners start thinking about getting on stage. Opportunities to perform are an option.

We provide accompaniment and lyrics, all you need to bring is enthusiasm and to be willing to give it a try. The music group is a great place to meet other people, have fun and get the boost to your mood in a way that only music can!

Ability is not important – we believe everyone can sing, whether they think they can or not and we’re willing to try to prove it to you!

Movement Mornings

This is a set of activities inspired by ‘Be Active’, one of the Five Ways to Wellbeing. The aim of the group is to get active each morning of the Drop In, to move our bodies whether it is inside the building or by getting outside. Movement Mornings include the very popular chair based exercises, walking group, bowling/skittles, pool and darts. The walking group explore the local area, find the interesting and unusual routes to walk in a safe and supportive way, along the walk we talk and ‘Take Notice’, another of the Five Ways to Wellbeing. We also aim to run pool tournaments for those wishing to improve and progress with their pool by playing against each other in a structured yet fun way!

Creative Writing and Basic Maths

Writing stories and poems can be a great outlet for creativity as well as enjoyable and therapeutic. A facilitator will guide each session where themes and projects can be suggested by members – these could be a story or passage about a particular subject, a poem expressing a feeling or a particular experience, or perhaps a longer term project such as your first novel! We provide all equipment and always aim to inspire your creativity.

A more recent addition to the itinerary is Basic Maths, so if you like to do some arithmetic/maths puzzles this could be for you. Equations and other puzzles are set according to what is suitable.

Healthy Eating

With tight budgets and low mood it is often a challenge to make healthy eating a priority, however we know that it is one of the most important ways of improving and retaining good mental health.

Within this group we will have fun preparing food, while learning:

  • How to make healthy choices within a budget
  • Menu planning
  • To experience new foods
  • Cooking skills
  • Tips on storage, food hygiene and being thrifty
  • Strong emphasis on peer support, motivation and encouragement

Buckinghamshire Mind provides all equipment for the group and ingredients up to an agreed budget. Additional costs of ingredients are agreed and are shared between the group.


If sewing is your thing, we have machines available and help and advice to make clothes or other items or perhaps decorate something you already have.


On a Wednesday afternoon there is a Bingo session that is always very popular.

Other Activities available

There are a range of other activities available during each day that include table football, pool, skittles, darts, table tennis, board games, jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, word searches and more.

Day Trips

Day trips are organised two or times a year, usually in the summer to a seaside town. In September 2018 we visited to Littlehampton.

Support and groups in the Community

Walking Group

The walking group meets weekly is for anyone experiencing mental health challenges who wishes to use walking as a way to improve their physical, mental and social wellbeing. We often go walking regardless of the weather and find it a fantastic way to build a positive community and connect with those who have a shared experience.

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