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Article published on: Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Buckinghamshire Mind Raw Art Gallery exhibition, ‘RAW’ was a phenomenal success, selling over £2000 worth of art work and tickets, and raising £1100 for Buckinghamshire Mind. This would not have been possible without such great input and effort.

We would therefore like to thank all the kind and hardworking staff and volunteers at Buckinghamshire Mind.

A great big thankyou to; Monodraught for their generous sponsorship.

Neg Earth Lights Ltd, for their generosity and superb equipment,

Chiltern Wood Recycling Project, for their generous support and kindness

Bucks Free Press,

Susan Elizabeth, Nick Alexander, CNGRJ, Buddy, Legna Angel, Appollo Art Group, Wings, SunHouse Art Group for all their hard work, talent, and for making it fun.

Ed for being a computer genius.

To Buckinghamshire Mind, Andrea and Teresa, for having the foresight in running and encouraging this project.

All the kind words and praise of the visitors who came and helped make such a great event.

Special thanks goes to; Fern, Imogen, Jason and Reena for all going the extra mile….with a smile.

Many thanks

Buckinghamshire Mind Raw Art Gallery Founder

Steve Wassall

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