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How much we charge for our services is dependent on what they cost to run and whether we receive any funding, for example from the NHS or Local Authority.

Counselling for Adults

Buckinghamshire Mind’s Counselling services are committed to providing accessible and affordable therapy. We have different options depending on your financial circumstances.

Counselling (waiting list 6-8 weeks):

Assessment fee and further sessions: £25 – £40. We recognise and respect the diversity of everyone’s financial circumstances. Therefore, we are pleased to offer this flexible option as a testament to our commitment and to increase accessibility and choice.

Rapid Access Counselling: For those who can afford to pay more and want more flexibility, e.g appointments in the evening or Saturday morning (no waiting list). Fees: £55 for Assessment and £55 per session.

Wellbeing Services

Attendance is usually by referral from a mental health team professional (although you can self-refer ) and funding must be agreed for £20.80 per session or £43.84  per week (for 2 or more days a week).

Alternatively people can self-fund or use their Personal Independence Payments.

Option 1: £20.80 per session

Option 2: £43.84 per week (2 or more days per week)

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