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Article published on: Tuesday, 11 May 2021

For Mental Health Awareness Week our Older Adults’ Service held a Zoom activity for service users where they could share a childhood photo and story about their name.

The aim of the activity was to enjoy shared memories and stories. Service users, carers, volunteers and staff were encouraged to share a photo with everyone from their childhood. In addition, everyone was invited to share about their name, for example where their name came from, how they got their name, who named them and if the were they named after someone.

There are numerous benefits to reminiscing. From helping us feel valued, to improving mood, reducing stress and boosting confidence. Happy memories bring joy and positive feelings.

Where someone may be living with dementia or experiencing short-term memory loss, it can play an important part of maintaining identity, inclusion and confidence.

Reminiscence activities can be planned or spontaneous, often a song on the radio or the smell of baking, for example, can bring back memories and can promote positive and meaningful engagement.

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