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Article published on: Thursday, 11 June 2020

Buckinghamshire Mind now provides a free suicide bereavement support service.

This service supports adults, children, young people and families bereaved by suicide or suspected suicide who currently live in Buckinghamshire (excluding Milton Keynes) regardless of where or when the death took place.

This free service provides: emotional support, an opportunity to talk through feelings and experiences, help with practical advice, advocacy, explaining official processes, liaising with agencies like police, coroners, employers, schools and colleges, media any other organisations.

Chloe Gilligan, Suicide Bereavement Liaison Support Worker for this new service said, “Bereavement is a painful experience, and when there is a loss from suicide it can be intensely traumatic for immediate family and friends, colleagues and the wider community. Our service is also available to those outside the immediate family who feel affected by the loss of someone to suicide or suspected suicide. It may be a friend, colleague or neighbour in need of support or someone to talk to.”

One can self-refer or someone can refer on your behalf if you have consented to this e.g. GP, police or other support services/agencies. We will accept referrals from anyone affected by the loss of someone to suicide or suspected suicide and feels our service can be of help.

To find out more about Buckinghamshire Mind’s Suicide Bereavement Support service please ring 01494 463364 or click here.

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