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Article published on: Thursday, 17 November 2022

Buckinghamshire Mind provides Community Based Support mental health services. One of these services is called Information and Options Workers.

This service provides one-to-one support, looking at what recovery means to an individual and how to best support them on this journey. All support is planned according to their circumstances and needs. Our Information and Options Workers support all stages of the recovery journey; from leaving a ward, to being discharged from the CMHT.

We are honoured and privileged to share the journeys and stories of Sam and Dylan.

Sam’s Story

Sam was referred to Bucks Mind’s Community Based Support Service by his Care Coordinator. Sam was isolated and spending most of his time in bed. Our Information and Options Worker helped Sam to secure a volunteer role with at Radnage House Stables.

Sam struggled at first, but four years later he is a very different person. Sam has achieved an NVQ in Animal Care and works full time.

The support from my Information and Options Worker has meant everything to me,” says Sam. “I now have my dream job and I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved.

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Dylan’s Story

Dylan was living with his brothers and father, but spending all his time in his bedroom, quite often just sleeping. He had little motivation and no social network. Our Information and Options Worker made a plan with him to find groups Dylan would enjoy, so he could feel part of something.

Dylan started at the Bucks Mind music group, attending every week. He became a very important part of the group, helping to co-run the group on some days.

During lockdown the support changed. Dylan’s depression became a lot worse and he rarely left his bedroom. His Information and Options Workers would speak on the phone every week and, when Covid restrictions allowed, would meet to go for walks.

Thank you for all the help through 2020 and 2021, says Dylan. “I work in a care home now and every Wednesday I bring my guitar and sit with the residents, singing classics. I found the old sheets we used for the Music Group and I use a lot of them now!  I’ve got a flat and I’ve been working full-time for over a year. The flat’s lovely and I’m even starting a part-time college course in Counselling in January.

The walks down the canal, the music groups and all the chats really helped more than I could say and I really appreciate everything.


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