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We always welcome committed and caring volunteers to join us in running our Mind the Gap peer support groups. If you would like to volunteer with us, please contact Pauline Hayden at [email protected] or call 07788 438134.

Role Description

Mind the Gap Volunteer Claire shares her experience:

I have been volunteering at Mind the Gap for over a year now and I absolutely love it! I was in the midst of a career break due to a period of ill-health and felt I wanted to fill my time constructively, when luckily I found Bucks Mind and Mind the Gap.  At first I was rather nervous meeting the group members, but I was quickly made to feel accepted and at home. Everyone was very welcoming and seemed pleased to have a new volunteer at the group.

The group has really helped me broaden my horizons; I’ve loved getting to know everyone and I gain personal satisfaction from having meaningful conversations with a range of people beyond my usual network of family/friends. Plus it’s always nice to feel helpful!

The training and support provided by Bucks Mind is great. I have regular informal discussions with my Coordinator about how the group is operating and there is always an opportunity to voice any concerns I might have.

I feel that I have learnt lots, grown in confidence and gained useful work experience for my future. I also feel pleased that I’m role-modelling to my teenage children ‘making a contribution to our community’ – something which I think is really important, especially now when so many people are struggling.  Committing to weekly volunteering has also helped provide some of the structure I needed for my week.

I would wholeheartedly recommend volunteering at Mind the Gap!

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