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Article published on: Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Buckinghamshire Mind has received a 100% clean bill of health from the Mind Quality Mark (MQM) review, meeting the 12 standards and the requirements of all 23 MQM Indicators.

National Mind has been assuring the quality of the local Mind network since 2001. The Mind Quality Mark is a quality assurance framework endorsed by the Charity Commission. MQM is made up of 23 indicators and each local Mind assesses its own position against the indicators. The self-assessment is then reviewed by a team from national Mind. By meeting each indicator, Buckinghamshire Mind can be confident it is a robust and well-run organisation with a keen focus on quality.

In awarding the MQM, the assessment review team noted the energy, enthusiasm and positivity of staff, volunteers and Trustees, as well as service users. There was a consistent, positive conversation throughout the organisation and an uplifting environment.

Staff and service users openly expressed how empowered they felt through their involvement with Buckinghamshire Mind, including opportunities to diversify their skills and try new things. For example, service users organising activities and taking the lead in initiatives, and a counsellor building new skills and using their existing knowledge and experience to write grant bids.

The Board of Trustees, Chief Executive and Senior Management Team were commended for their impressive and inspirational leadership at the top of the organisation. As well as bringing complimentary skills and talent, they also drive the organisation forward with energy, passion, enthusiasm and a clear commitment to values and excellence in performance.

The assessment also stated that Buckinghamshire Mind has impressively shifted to a much more enterprising approach to service design, funding and service delivery. It has very successfully modernised and has exceptionally effective models for delivering services in a sustainable structure.

In response to the assessment’s informal peer suggestions, Buckinghamshire Mind is now exploring the potential for volunteer supervision and training sessions. It is also working to ensure that Buckinghamshire Mind services are as diverse and inclusive as possible for all members of the community.

“We at Buckinghamshire Mind are delighted to have achieved this well-respected quality mark,” says Andrea McCubbin, Buckinghamshire Mind’s Chief Executive. “I would like to thank all our staff, volunteers and Trustees as well as the Service User Council for the fabulous work that they do for our organisation.”

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