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Article published on: Wednesday, 07 September 2016



Being Assertive is a Skill that can be learnt!

assertivenesscourse_image1If you find saying “No” seem almost impossible, even if you really don’t want something, that’s being passively unassertive.

Shouting and threatening is being aggressively unassertive which is equally ineffective in getting your point across. Aggression brings up defensive reactions in others meaning they will stop listening. In both cases, you won’t be heard and therefore others are unaware of what you need.

Being able to communicate assertively means that we can respectfully inform others about how we want to be treated.

This course focuses on understanding what may be stopping you from being assertive. assertivenesscourse_image2Within a safe space you will practise assertiveness techniques to increase your skills preparing you for the real thing.

Participants are also introduced to simple Mindfulness relaxation techniques. Used regularly, they can be most effective in reducing tension. This helps us to be calm in challenging situations and able to focus on staying assertive in the face of adversity.

Course details

To book a space on the next workshop visit Therapy Workshops at and complete an application form. Alternatively, contact group facilitator Daniela Nicol at [email protected] or 01494 646704.

Course delivery

Daniela NicolGroup facilitator Daniela Nicol is a qualified and experienced counsellor. Alongside her private counselling practice, she runs therapy workshops and courses for anxiety, anger management, assertiveness and self-confidence. Daniela is a Registered Member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP). For more information visit


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