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Article published on: Wednesday, 01 February 2023

With our charity e-cards you can give the cost of a card and stamp and to Bucks Mind send one of our heartfelt e-cards via

It’s easier than buying an overpriced card and Bucks Mind receives what you would have spent on a piece of cardboard covered in glitter. Plus it’s an ethical alternative to the paper waste of cards.

You can show someone you love them, help local people experiencing mental ill-health and protect the environment, all in one go!

You can also make a donation on behalf of your partner to a cause they care about in lieu of cards and gifts this Valentine’s Day. You get to send them an e-card and special message. And they’ll see that you put the money to something that really matters to them.

All it takes is a quick PayPal payment. There’s no sign-up required. Simple!

To view all our Valentine’s e-cards, please click on the button below.

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