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We are aiming to raise £110,000 in our 110th year!

Bucks Mind is celebrating 110 years of supporting local people experiencing mental ill-health.

In that time we’ve achieved so much and helped many thousands of people. We simply couldn’t have done this without donations and fundraising from people within our community.

Please help us continue to be there for those that needs us by taking part in a 110 Challenge and raising funds towards our £110,000 target. Every penny you raise will support our vital mental health services.

There are many ways that you can take part, depending on your interests.

Join the 110 Challenge
Pavement view of someone riding a bike. Only the bike wheels and the legs of the person pedaling are in view. They are wearing trainers. The Bucks Mind 110th Anniversary logo is in the bottom right-hand corner

Activities for Individuals

  • Raffle/tombola: Organise a raffle or tombola and charge £1.10 per ticket.
  • Be Active for Bucks Mind: Be active in some way every day for 110 days. Set-up a JustGiving page to raise sponsorship.
  • 110 Minute Challenge: Complete a set distance (walking/running/cycling/swimming) in 110 minutes. Raise sponsorship funds through JustGiving
  • Give It Up: Give up something you love (e.g. chocolate, crisps) for 110 days. Ask friends and family to show their support by sponsoring you.
  • £110 Challenge: Simply set a fundraising target of £110 then fundraise however you want (e.g. a cake sale or jumble sale).
  • Arts & Crafts Exhibition: Organise an arts & crafts exhibition and charge £1.10 to enter.
  • Read-a-thon: How many books can you read in 110 days? Get sponsored per book and try and read as many as you can.
Raffle tickets in an orange bucket

Activities for Teams

  • 110 Mile Challenge: Form a team and together complete 110 miles of walking, running, cycling or swimming. Each member completes as many miles as they’re comfortable with to each the total.
  • Game for Bucks Mind: Hold a 110 hour gaming marathon, in relays. Get sponsored per hour.
  • 110 Second Competition: How many can you do in 110 seconds (e.g. how many hula hoops can you do, how many times can you jump-rope). Charge for entry and the winner is the one with the most in 110 seconds.
  • Bake for Bucks Mind: Hold a bake-off event, but the baking has to be completed in 110 minutes. Charge a fee to enter. Have a judge or panel of judges and a prize for the winner.
  • Dress Down Day at Work: Set a target of raising £110 or have everyone pay £1.10 to enter.
  • Sprint Race: Organise a 110 metre sprint race. Charge for entry and the winner receives a prize.
Four people, two men and two women, jogging on the spot on astroturf.

To set-up a JustGiving fundraising page, please click on the button below.
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