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General Profile

Bryan is a senior IT development manager in the financial sector. He has a strong IT background from over 15 years as a software developer, before moving into managerial roles.  He currently leads a department with development teams in several locations globally, delivering multiple systems and programmes of work. He is experienced in the technical, functional, organisational, managerial and administrative aspects of the day-to-day delivery and long-term strategy of the IT department, working with a wide variety of stakeholders and functions.

Skills Profile

  • Collaboration and communication
  • IT from a personal to enterprise level
  • Project management and delivery
  • People management and leadership

Personal Profile

Outside of work Bryan’s main love is family life, but he takes the opportunity to go running when he can and always enjoys a good film (and occasionally video games but can rarely find the time nowadays!)  Family experience of mental health challenges has drawn Bryan to support the invaluable work of Buckinghamshire Mind and promote mental health awareness.

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