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Article published on: Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Bucks Mind Raw Art Gallery presents… RAW – an exhibition of visionary art and hidden talents


Preview show – Friday 6th May 7:30PM (Tickets £5)

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Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th May open 10 – 4 PM (Free Entry)


Above High Wycombe Central Aid. Furniture project. West Richardson St. High Wycombe HP11 2SB.


The Bucks Mind Raw Art Gallery has been set up to help nurture artistic talent and raise valuable funds for Bucks Mind.

We are a collective of creative people with a passion for art. We came together for sharing artistic ideas, advice, and guidance, and we found talent and a purpose.

There is an abundance of artistic talent that is hidden within Buckinghamshire and this Gallery is an opportunity to take a peek at the tip of the iceberg. The objective of the project – morphed from the success of the Unshackled Arts Project – aims to increase awareness of Mental Health issues, finding those possibly excluded members of society and nurturing their talent: helping individuals explore ways and means of expression in a way that is supportive and unpressured, raising funds for important and underfunded charitable works along the way.

Those Artists who do not wish, or who do not have the confidence to have direct, face to face contact with the whole art group can link up to the group in their own chosen way, and so can still be advised and guided – still exhibit their art work – and positively contribute to the Gallery in an unpressured timely manner. There will be no obligation for attendance to the group or to submit amounts of works by “deadlines”, etc. Artists can remain anonymous if they wish.

Funds will be raised through group exhibitions and the promotion of art shows, along with internet sales, donations, crowd funding projects, commissions and auctions.

Through advising, guiding, and nurturing each other’s talents, there will be an increased quality within the artworks, unachievable if left untapped or kept isolated.

This is an art gallery and group with meaning and purpose, it will help to compose and nurture those who could otherwise be excluded from society’s usual routes into the art world. This will include self-taught, vulnerable people, talented excludes, those who are socially isolated, with mental health issues, people with a story, unaware or unmotivated by the usual motives of society. There is an abundance of information regarding what is often referred to as “Outsider Art”. Raw Vision magazine and website is one source of information and the amazing Henry Boxer Gallery is to be highly recommended also.

What the Gallery provides:

A studio environment that is friendly and encouraging of individual’s artistic abilities. Opportunity to meet with other artists. Freedom to pursue – and experiment with – art projects. Opportunity for social interaction. Space and flexibility to work at own pace. The sharing of ideas and nurturing of individuals styles and techniques. Help to increase personal confidence and self-worth.  Freedom to express themselves. A platform to showcase/ exhibit/ sell artwork. Opportunity to help raise valuable charitable funds through sales of artwork.

The Bucksmind Raw Art Gallery’s Thursday Open art session, is based at High Wycombe ,260 Desborough Road. BucksMind. Between 10am-4pm. Cost is £2. Bring your own equipment and share ideas in a friendly, non- pressured, studio environment.

Any artistic sales will be financially split as such to benefit all involved. 45% of sales and funds raised will go towards BucksMind and BucksMind Raw Art Gallery and 55% will go to the individual artists.

Please feel free to contact Steve Wassall on [email protected] for more information, questions, or contributions.

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