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Article published on: Friday, 26 May 2017

Every year Buckinghamshire Mind calculates the number of ‘lives touched’ by the wonderfully diverse range of services we run throughout the county. Last year (April 2015 to March 2016) we calculated that we touched 3,324 lives. This year (April 2016 to March 2017) we increased this by a massive 47%, touching 4,885 lives.

These figures demonstrate that we are delivering against our pledge that we will provide accessible and inclusive services that generate the right impact, are person-centred and enable people to live safe, purposeful and fulfilled lives in our community.

We have achieved this huge increase in ‘lives touched’ by growing our existing services, adding complementary services and launching new areas of activity; in particular our Outreach and Peer Support services. So, we are not only delivering a much wider range of services, but those services are reaching out to more people.

As we have expanded our services and areas of work, we have developed partnerships with other organisations, for example the Oxford Health NHS Foundation. We value working in partnership because we know that bringing together different perspectives can help identify solutions to complex problems. Our focussed mental health expertise makes Buckinghamshire Mind an essential partner in the local area.

We regularly request feedback from our service users to ensure that we are continually improving our services and meeting the diverse needs of the community. Below are just some of the comments people have made about the positive impact that our services have had on their lives.

Prevention Matters

“Prevention Matters came in at just the right time and the support given was a life saver to both of us.”

“The service was brilliant, helped me get out of house when I was feeling very low. I especially valued the encouragement and support from Prevention Matters to go with me to activities.”

Peer Support

“The peer support group in Marlow has been so valuable because it has given me the opportunity to express any issues and talk through my problems. It gives me a chance to meet other people who are experiencing the same or similar issues as me and to find support. I can bring my children with me because there is a crèche and I have the space and time to do something creative, which makes me feel so much better.”

Helen, Marlow Peer Support Group

Adult Counselling Service

“I want to thank you more than I can express. For your time, help, patience etc. I feel you have given me a new start, I really do. I now look at everything in a different way, a more positive and hopeful way. Thank you for, sounds very dramatic but true, giving me my life back.”

Older Adults’ Service

“Seeing other people is important and having things to do.”

Older Adults’ Service user

“There’s always a lot going on and it’s good to be with other people.”

Older Adults’ Service User


“I can’t put into words how grateful I am to have a Befriender. Befriending is incredibly helpful and I am so thankful I have this support. When I started, I didn’t believe what a difference it would make to my life. Befriending gives me structure, support and a focus to my week. It’s a time when I know I will be listened to. My Befriender is gracious, gentle and kind. I often let small problems worry me too much, but he has a different way of looking at things which helps me to normalise my thoughts. He helps me to make realistic, small goals and I am beginning to feel more confident and in control. My Befriender is very supportive and never lets me down.”

George, Befriending Service user

Well-being Groups

“I have made new friends, I now have gained art skills, I find it easier to connect in social situations, my general health and wellbeing.”

Art group service user

“Bucks Mind is a life saver for me it’s a godsend to me, I enjoy it so much.”

Lanterns service user

“Always look forward to coming to group and doing different activities, it’s also nice sometimes to just sit & chat to the other members and there is always support from the staff if you need them.”

Well-being group, Chesham, service user

Youth Counselling Service

“I had sought on going therapy for my son with High Functioning Autism for a number of years – primarily for emotional immaturity and social skills. The beauty of the Mind service is that you can parentally refer and because it’s a paid service it can be on going.”

Parent of a Youth Counselling Service User

“It’s nice to have someone to talk to. I come out feeling a bit more relaxed. I do nice things when I’m there.”

11-year-old service user

Peer Mentoring in Schools

“Wonderful and collaborative working environment – training has built my confidence and enthusiasm for the role.”

Aylesbury High Student Ambassador after attending our Peer Support Training

“The support from Buckinghamshire Mind allows our pupils to work with new people, learn about Mind, and also feel proactive and gain ownership of the mentoring programme in our school.”

Charlene Cheung, Head of Wellbeing, Alfriston School, Beaconsfield

“Having a Peer Support group in school that is relatively large has contributed to reducing my social anxiety and fear of public speaking.”

Year 10 student

Employment Support

“The service has been so much help to me, I would definitely recommend it to people and I wish more people knew there is help like this to access!”

Education and Training

“I felt very lucky to be able to attend this training because now I feel better prepared for my role as a Student Ambassador. I particularly like that it was very interactive, so it kept us all engaged.”

Aylesbury High Student Ambassador after attending our Mental Health Awareness Workshop in school

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