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Our Champions share their experiences to help break down mental health stigma and discrimination.

The views and personal opinions expressed on this page are those of our Champions.

In a moving film, Champion Bryony shares her story about living with cerebral palsy, PTSD and anxiety. Please click below to watch the film.

** Trigger warning: Please be aware, suicide is discussed in this video.**

Champion Eliza has written a series of articles aimed at challenging mental health stigma and stereotypes. Please click on the buttons below to read their articles; De-Stigmatising Borderline Personality Disorder, The Prejudice Against Hallucinations and Claiming Disability Benefits for Mental Health.

Champion Paul shares his personal experiences of mental health problems and encourages others to seek help when they need it.

** Trigger warning: Please be aware, themes of suicidal thoughts are explored in this article.**

Champion the Change Champion Shell shares her experience of mental health problems. Please click on the video below to view.

**Please be aware this video discusses content you may find triggering regarding mental health. You may choose to avoid watching this if you’re experiencing a period of poor mental health or ensure you have support available.**

Shell's Story

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