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Our Champions share their experiences to help break down mental health stigma and discrimination.

Champion the Change Champion Shell shares her experience of mental health problems. Please click on the video below to view.

***Please be aware this video discusses content you may find triggering regarding mental health. You may choose to avoid watching this if you’re experiencing a period of poor mental health or ensure you have support available.***

Shell's Story

Culture related stigma is a major barrier which can stop people speaking out about their mental health challenges and seeking help when they need it.

Our wonderful Champions Esther, Victor and Cherechukwu create films and programs, alongside their team, aimed at people in the BAME community to target the culture related stigma attached to mental health and try to challenge them within their community. Such challenges include mental health being a taboo subject to talk about and depression often being seen as not an illness but a character trait of laziness.

They hope by using the voices of people with lived experience of mental health stigma, they can raise awareness and help to make everybody who has mental health symptoms feel empowered and able to ask for help.

Their short film called Behind the Mirror, illustrates how the main character Sylvia feels she has to hide her mental health symptoms and her real self, due to the fear of stigma. But Sylvia meets an artist who uses his creations to open up conversation about suffering and mental health which gives Sylvia hope. To watch the film, please click on the button below.

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