Our relationship counselling service is delivered through one or more 50 minute sessions with you and your partner, or with you alone if you prefer.  Sessions are usually face-to-face and are completely confidential. You will be given a regular weekly appointment which is yours for if you need it, as agreed with your counsellor.  How long you continue with counselling depends entirely on your individual need. Marriage Care is a registered charity supporting couples married or not and we don’t charge a fixed fee for our counselling service, apart from an initial registration fee of £10 to secure your place on our waiting list. You will never be turned away because you cannot afford to give very much but we do ask all counselling clients to give a donation in advance of each session of counselling.  The nearest counselling location to High Wycombe would be Woodley Reading and the nearest to Aylesbury would be Milton Keynes. There is currently no one on the waiting list for Woodley so counselling can commence as soon as the couple contact Marriage Care.

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