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In July 2020, Shiv received the tragic news that Matt, a much-loved member of his football club, UCL Red Star FC, had taken his own life. “He was truly a terrific bloke, the absolute heart and soul of our team, and a great friend,” says Shiv. “Ever since, I’ve been deeply passionate about mental health and ensuring everyone can access the support they need and feel cared for.”

Shiv is an ambitious, dynamic and emerging purpose-driven leader. He is currently leading Zero Gravity Fund, the UK’s largest independent scholarship fund for students from low-income areas (Charity Registration: 1181177). Shiv has demonstrated strong leadership and the ability to build strategic partnerships, driving social impact through innovation and data-driven decision-making. His expertise in relationship management spans from board-level activities to championing the talented members from low-income backgrounds across the UK.

As a Trustee, Shiv is excited at the opportunity to give back to his local community and apply his extensive knowledge of the charity sector to represent young adults facing mental health challenges.

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