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Article published on: Monday, 11 December 2023

Buckinghamshire Mind creates greater impact following successful training offered and delivered to a new unique audience.

In November, Buckinghamshire Mind worked collaboratively with Buckinghamshire Council, delivering two mental health training awareness workshops for hairdressers working across Buckinghamshire.

Hairdressers occupy a unique position in the community, often providing an opportunity for people to disclose information they may not be otherwise comfortable to share in other settings.

There was a clear benefit in providing hairdressers with mental health awareness training. This equipped them with the skills to navigate conversations about mental health, while offering signposting information and most importantly learning how to set boundaries to protect their own mental wellbeing.

Just some of the training success highlights:

  • 100% said they were very satisfied with the training.
  • 100% of participants answered 8 or above for how confident they feel having a conversation about mental health.
  • 100% of participants answered 8 or above for how confident they felt about spotting the signs of someone who may be struggling with their mental health.
A man with a comb in one hand shaves the side of another man's head. The first man is standing and the second man is sitting.

One attendee said:

Very pleased I attended, so valuable on so many different levels. Biggest takeaway is better understanding on setting boundaries.

Buckinghamshire Mind will continue to strive to enhance the breadth and depth of our impact and sustain such positive evaluation scores.

To learn more about our training services or to have an informal discussion on how Bucks Mind can support your organisation’s training needs, please email: [email protected]

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