Your gift could save or change lives

By leaving a gift in your will to Buckinghamshire Mind you could save or change people’s lives. To find out how your support helps people coping with a mental health problem, please read the testimonials from our service users below.

If you’d like to know more about leaving a gift in your will, please contact Kaya Mallinder on 01494 463364 or email

Adult Counselling

“Even though the sessions were ‘short term’ I have gained more from 10 sessions than I have with other ‘long term’ therapies.”

“This counselling period has been incredibly cathartic and hugely beneficial. Thank you.”

“I found my counsellor really listened and provided good coping strategies going forward.”

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“I can’t put into words how grateful I am to have a Befriender. Befriending is incredibly helpful and I am so thankful I have this support. When I started, I didn’t believe what a difference it would make to my life.

“Befriending gives me structure, support and a focus to my week.  It’s a time when I know I will be listened to. Befriender is gracious, gentle and kind. I often let small problems worry me too much, but my Befriender has a different way of looking at things, which helps me to normalise my thoughts. He helps me to make realistic small goals and I am beginning to feel more confident and in control.  He is very supportive and never lets me down.”

Sally’s Story:

Sally experiences both physical and mental illness, leaving her feeling very socially isolated.

Now, several months into her Befriending partnership, Sally is engaging in several of our services including; seeing her Befriender out in the community once a week, joining a weekly walking group, receiving advise concerning Personal Independence Payments and is now attending a yoga/physical movement club.

Sally has gone from only leaving the house when she has appointments to attending social occasions up to three times per week.

The noticeable changes in Sally’s life have made a positive impact on both her physical and mental wellbeing. The exercise is helping her cope with the effects of her illness, while meeting with her Befriender and meeting people through various groups is helping her to improve her wellbeing.

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Children and Young People’s Services

“We learned all about what a peer mentor is and what mental health is and I’m going to go home and talk about it.”  – Peer Mentor

“I liked learning different ways to sort situations out that I couldn’t have solved before. I liked doing a role play and seeing how arguments occur and how to fix it.” – Peer Mentor

“We all put our ideas into action and learnt how to help others. Another thing I liked was how we discussed our feelings and talked about mental health.” – Peer Mentor

“You delivered a powerful message and the staff and students will have gained a real understanding about what mental health is.” – Head of PSHE and Teacher of Science, Cottesloe School

“Thank you for sharing your assembly with us today. Mental Health is a key issue and I know the children learnt a lot.” – Early Years Leader and Music Co-ordinator, Disraeli School and Children’s Centre

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Community Based Support

“The Strengths and Weaknesses exercise really helped me to realise my own worth and helped me focus on what job I want. I learnt about SMART goal setting and being realistic.”

“The ideas given help you cope and give you a different way of approaching problems. I will be putting into practice what I have learned.”

“I now have the confidence to change my job, write a C.V./covering letter, be more confident and more positive.”

“I have now got the confidence to attend the community yoga class.”

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Community Connectors

“Thank you for everything. I will continue to take positive steps and thanks to you I now have the resources to do just that. You have made a positive impact on my life.”

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Community Link Workers

“Excellent service, walked the extra mile to help. Compassionate and understanding, especially when I lost a friend and had mental health issues.”

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Employment Support

Paul’s story:

Paul undertook a voluntary role with Buckinghamshire Mind, with responsibility for banking donations and fees.

When he first started, Paul was rather nervous and anxious but was determined to help us with this task. Over time his confidence grew confidence and has stepped out of his comfort zone. When an opportunity arose for paid employment at Buckinghamshire Mind, Paul had the confidence and skills to successfully apply for the role. We were delighted that Paul joined the team on a permanent basis and he has been a huge asset to our charity.

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Peer Support Groups

“If I hadn’t found Friends in Need, I would still be at home, shopping online, sitting and not washing my hair or showering for weeks. In May, I was suicidal but now I am starting a new job. Coming to FiN has given me back my self-confidence, got rid of my feelings of worthlessness and given my self-esteem a boost! Being open about my depression within the group has helped me to be open in my interview so my new employer knows about my mental health problems, which is a relief.”

“Friends in Need has given me a sense of purpose and of being part of a community where my presence and contribution are valued. This, in turn, has helped alleviate my chronic feelings of low self-worth and low self-esteem, which are the main triggers for depression for me in the past.”

“The support group has been so valuable. It has given me the opportunity to express any issues and talk through any problems. It gives me the chance to meet other people who are experiencing the same or similar as me and to find support.

“I find it helpful and you can chat about anything that’s bothering you. I feel supported and not judged.”

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Safe Haven

“I was told about Safe Haven by the Whiteleaf crisis team – they thought it might help me to talk to them. I was in a mental health crisis. They gave me some safety techniques which helped with my feelings. They also pointed me in the direction of other people who could help me.

“Safe Haven keeps me safe, they are reliable, they do not turn me away, they never make me feel like I am wasting their time. They are genuinely nice, kind people.

“Recently, Safe Haven has helped with my panic attacks. They have helped me gain more confidence in myself. They also put me in touch with CAB to help with my benefits.

“I love the fact that I can come in to the service – it takes me away from the environment which is getting me down. It sets me up again!”

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Wellbeing Services

“Since I have been coming to Milestones and the Art Group, I have more confidence in myself and I enjoy interacting with other people. I didn’t realise how talented I was, which I find exhilarating. I feel more light-hearted and happy, whereas before I was depressed. I am so pleased I am getting out. Thank you very much!”

“Thank you to all the Bucks Mind staff, especially at Wings, for putting me forward as a volunteer and for getting me to where I am now. If it wasn’t for them I don’t know where I’d be. They’ve really helped me so much. If anyone is experiencing mental health problems and you need to come to Bucks Mind’s services then they definitely should come because it really will help.”

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