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A safe space to unwind, counselling at £5 per session, listening service, free drop-ins and social interactions. Drop-ins are held in churches but the group is not religious in nature. Individuals do not have to visit the drop-in centres to access counselling. The waiting list for counselling is currently 4 – 5 (applicable 13/1/17) and counselling is carried out by trained psychotherapists. Space will accept referrals from professionals as well as self-referrals, but individuals need to phone Space too, to show that they are committed.



Location: Aylesbury

Telephone: 01296 432769

Address: St Mary's Church, St Mary's Square, Aylesbury, HP20 2JJ

Sex: All

Age: All

Referral: Self-Referral (The person needs to call the service for counselling)

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