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Mind in Berkshire is an exciting collaboration between Buckinghamshire Mind (covering the East of Berkshire) and Oxfordshire Mind (covering the West of Berkshire) in which we work together to create a unified voice and understanding across Berkshire.

We are dedicated to exploring how we can use our skills and experience to develop solutions where gaps and opportunities are identified. Working alongside existing providers to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and skills and enhancing capacity.

Buckinghamshire Mind is working in the East of Berkshire, where we deliver a range of services, whilst Oxfordshire Mind is working in the West of Berkshire. The local Minds are working together to strengthen partnerships and alliances county-wide, remaining committed always to the principles of the Mind Federation Agreement.

Over the last few years in East Berkshire, Buckinghamshire Mind have impacted on hundreds of lives through our services; Friends in Need and Community Connectors, which recently expanded. In 2023, we also launched a new service in East Berkshire; Mental Health Safety Planning.  In addition, we deliver a wide selection of Training Services to local organisations along with Children and Young People’s Services mental health support and educational workshops in schools and colleges for students, staff and parents.

Oxfordshire Mind also offer a free Supported Self-Help programme in Berkshire. Please click the button below for more information.

We recognise that there is always more to be done and we look forward to continuing to build our services across East Berkshire in the years to come.

To find out more please contact Andrea Jones,  Andrea Jones, Engagement and Development Manager – East Berkshire for Mind in Berkshire (pictured), on 01494 463364 or email [email protected].

Picture of Andrea Jones, Engagement and Development Manager – East Berkshire, Mind in Berkshire
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